D-Link Router Login and Admin Access

Here are the details about the Router brand - D-Link

Detected IP Address:
X Forward:
* We never store your IP address no matter what. We have displayed it to you just for your kind reference.
Default gateway IP address differs with brands. Default IP address list
# Models Name IP Addresses Default Credentials
No result
1COVR-2200 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
3COVR-C1200 rev A1NilNil
4COVR-P2500 rev A1NilNil
5DAP-1350 rev A1192.168.0.50Nil
6DAP-1350 rev B1NilNil
7DCM-604 rev A1192.168.0.1admin/password
8DGL-4300 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
9DGL-4300 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
10DGL-4500 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
11DGL-4500 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
12DGL-5500 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
13DHP-1320 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
14DHP-1565 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
15DI-514 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
16DI-514 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
17DI-524 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
18DI-524 rev A2NilNil
19DI-524 rev B2NilNil
20DI-524 rev B4NilNil
21DI-524 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
22DI-524 rev D1192.168.0.1Nil
23DI-524 rev E1192.168.0.1Nil
24DI-524 rev G1NilNil
25DI-524 rev G2NilNil
26DI-524 rev H1NilNil
27DI-524 rev I1NilNil
28DI-524SU rev E8NilNil
31DI-614+ rev A1 / A2192.168.0.1Nil
32DI-614+ rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
33DI-614+ rev B2192.168.0.1Nil
34DI-624+ rev A1NilNil
35DI-624 rev B1NilNil
36DI-624 rev C1NilNil
37DI-624 rev C2/C3192.168.0.1Nil
38DI-624 rev D2NilNil
39DI-624 rev E1NilNil
41DI-624+ rev B2192.168.0.1Nil
43DI-624S rev A1NilNil
44DI-624S rev B1NilNil
45DI-634M rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
46DI-707P rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
49DI-713P rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
50DI-713P rev E1192.168.0.1Nil
51DI-714 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
52DI-714P+ rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
53DI-724U rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
54DI-725EV rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
57DI-774 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
59DI-824VUP rev A192.168.0.1Nil
60DI-824VUP rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
61DIR-1360 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
62DIR-1760 rev A1NilNil
63DIR-1960 rev A1NilNil
64DIR-2660 rev A1NilNil
67DIR-300 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
68DIR-300 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
69DIR-300 rev C1192.168.0.1admin/admin
70DIR-300 rev D1192.168.0.1admin/admin
71DIR-300/NRU rev B7192.168.0.1admin/admin
72DIR-300S rev A1192.168.0.1admin/admin
74DIR-3060 rev A1NilNil
75DIR-320 NRU B1192.168.0.1admin/admin
76DIR-320 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
77DIR-320 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
78DIR-320 rev D1192.168.0.1admin/admin
80DIR-400 A1192.168.0.1Nil
82DIR-412 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
83DIR-412 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
84DIR-430 rev A1NilNil
85DIR-450 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
86DIR-455 rev A1NilNil
88DIR-456 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
90DIR-501 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
91DIR-505 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
92DIR-506L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
93DIR-508L rev A1NilNil
94DIR-510L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
95DIR-513 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
96DIR-514 rev A1NilNil
97DIR-515 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
98DIR-516 rev A1NilNil
99DIR-518L rev A1NilNil
100DIR-524 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
101DIR-524 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
102DIR-600 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
103DIR-600 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
104DIR-600 rev B1/B2192.168.0.1Nil
105DIR-600 rev B5192.168.0.1Nil
106DIR-600 rev C1NilNil
107DIR-600 rev C2NilNil
108DIR-600 rev D1192.168.0.1Nil
109DIR-600L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
110DIR-600L rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
111DIR-601 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
112DIR-601 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
113DIR-601L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
114DIR-602 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
115DIR-602L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
117DIR-604 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
118DIR-605 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
119DIR-605 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
120DIR-605 rev D1192.168.0.1Nil
121DIR-605L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
122DIR-605L rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
123DIR-605L rev B2192.168.0.1Nil
124DIR-610 rev A1NilNil
125DIR-610N+ rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
126DIR-614 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
127DIR-614 rev B1NilNil
128DIR-615 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
129DIR-615 rev B2NilNil
130DIR-615 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
131DIR-615 rev D192.168.0.1Nil
132DIR-615 rev E1192.168.0.1Nil
133DIR-615 rev E3 / E4192.168.0.1Nil
134DIR-615 rev E5192.168.0.1Nil
135DIR-615 rev F3192.168.0.1Nil
136DIR-615 rev G1NilNil
137DIR-615 rev H1192.168.0.1Nil
138DIR-615 rev I1192.168.0.1Nil
139DIR-615 rev I3192.168.0.1Nil
140DIR-615 rev K1192.168.0.1admin/admin
141DIR-615 rev K2192.168.0.1admin/admin
142DIR-615 rev M1NilNil
143DIR-615 rev N1192.168.0.1Nil
144DIR-615 rev Q2192.168.0.1Nil
145DIR-615 rev R1192.168.1.1admin/admin
146DIR-615 rev S1192.168.0.1Nil
147DIR-615 rev T1192.168.0.1Nil
148DIR-615 rev T3192.168.0.1Nil
149DIR-615S rev A1192.168.0.1admin/admin
150DIR-618 rev A1NilNil
151DIR-618 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
152DIR-619 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
153DIR-619L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
154DIR-619L rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
155DIR-620 rev A1192.168.0.1admin/admin
156DIR-620 rev A1A192.168.0.1admin/admin
157DIR-620 rev B1NilNil
158DIR-620 rev C1192.168.0.1admin/admin
159DIR-620 rev D1Niladmin/admin
160DIR-620 rev E1192.168.0.1admin/admin
161DIR-620 rev F1NilNil
162DIR-620 rev G1192.168.0.1admin/admin
163DIR-625 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
164DIR-625 rev A2NilNil
165DIR-625 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
166DIR-625 rev C2192.168.0.1Nil
167DIR-626L rev A1NilNil
169DIR-628 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
170DIR-628 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
172DIR-635 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
173DIR-635 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
174DIR-635 rev B3192.168.0.1Nil
175DIR-636L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
177DIR-645 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
178DIR-645L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
179DIR-651 rev Ax192.168.0.1Nil
180DIR-652 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
181DIR-652 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
182DIR-653 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
183DIR-655 rev A1/A2192.168.0.1Nil
184DIR-655 rev A3192.168.0.1Nil
185DIR-655 rev A4192.168.0.1Nil
186DIR-655 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
187DIR-655 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
190DIR-665 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
192DIR-802 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
193DIR-803 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
194DIR-803 rev B1NilNil
195DIR-806A rev A1192.168.0.1admin/admin
196DIR-808L rev A1NilNil
197DIR-809 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
198DIR-809 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
199DIR-810L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
200DIR-810L rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
201DIR-815 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
202DIR-815 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
203DIR-815 rev C1192.168.0.1admin/admin
204DIR-815 rev D1192.168.0.1admin/admin
205DIR-816 rev A1NilNil
206DIR-816L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
207DIR-818L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
208DIR-819 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
209DIR-820L rev A1NilNil
210DIR-820L rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
211DIR-822 rev A1NilNil
212DIR-822 rev D1192.168.0.1admin/admin
213DIR-825 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
214DIR-825 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
215DIR-825 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
216DIR-825 rev D1192.168.0.1admin/admin
217DIR-825 rev E1192.168.0.1admin/admin
218DIR-825 rev G1192.168.0.1Nil
219DIR-826L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
221DIR-835 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
222DIR-836L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
224DIR-842 rev A1NilNil
225DIR-842 rev C1192.168.0.1Nil
226DIR-843 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
227DIR-845L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
228DIR-850L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
229DIR-853 rev A1NilNil
230DIR-855 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
231DIR-855 rev A2192.168.0.1Nil
232DIR-855L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
234DIR-859 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
235DIR-860L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
236DIR-860L rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
237DIR-862L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
238DIR-863 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
240DIR-867 rev A1NilNil
241DIR-868L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
243DIR-878 rev A1NilNil
245DIR-880L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
246DIR-882 rev A1NilNil
247DIR-883 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
248DIR-885L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
249DIR-890L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
250DIR-895L rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
256DPR-1260 rev A2NilNil
259DSL-2640B rev B2192.168.1.1admin/admin
260DSL-2640B rev B3NilNil
261DSL-2640B rev C4192.168.1.1admin/admin
262DSL-2640B rev T1NilNil
263DSL-2640R rev A1NilNil
264DSL-2640R rev B1192.168.1.1admin/admin
267DSL-2640U rev B2192.168.1.1admin/admin
268DSL-2640U rev C1NilNil
269DSL-2640U rev C2NilNil
270DSL-2640U rev C4NilNil
272DSL-2650U rev D2NilNil
273DSL-2680 rev A1NilNil
274DSL-2730B rev T1NilNil
275DSL-2730E rev T1NilNil
276DSL-2740B rev F1NilNil
277DSL-2740E rev V1NilNil
279DSL-2741B rev C2NilNil
280DSL-2750B rev T1192.168.1.Nil
282DSL-2750U rev C1192.168.1.1admin/admin
283DSL-2750U rev U1NilNil
285DSL-2890AL rev A1NilNil
287DSL-6740B rev C2NilNil
292DSL-G624T rev A1192.168.1.1admin/admin
293DSR-1000AC rev A1192.168.10.1admin/admin
294DSR-1000N rev A1192.168.10.1admin/admin
296DSR-150N A2192.168.10.1admin/admin
305DWR-116 rev A1NilNil
307DWR-118 rev A1192.168.1.1admin/admin
308DWR-118 rev A2192.168.1.1admin/admin
309DWR-118 rev B1192.168.1.1admin/admin
310DWR-131 rev A1NilNil
314DWR-755 rev A1NilNil
316VWR-VR rev B1192.168.15.1user/user
317WBR-1310 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
318WBR-1310 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil
319WBR-2310 rev A1192.168.0.1Nil
320WBR-2310 rev B1192.168.0.1Nil

Ways to Login D-Link Brand Router

First of all, in order to connect to your router you need to be connected to it. So please connect your laptop or the desktop to your router. You can either connect your system to the router using wire or you can also connect to it wirelessly. Kindly follow the below steps after connecting with the router. These steps are applicable to the routers of any brand models.

Tip: It is very much advised to connect the router using some wired connection because it will help you to avoid the shutting down of router due to any kind of power shortages and losing the unsaved changes.

Tip: It is very much advised to connect the router using some wired connection because it will help you to avoid the shutting down of router due to any kind of power shortages and losing the unsaved changes.

  • Open your default web browser of your choice. It may be either Google chrome or Internet explorer. But Google chrome is highly recommended.
  • Type the default IP address of the brand router in the address bar. It will open the router settings page. We have given few default IP address choices above. Try one by one until you succeed.
  • Below we have also listed the default credentials of the router brands. You can try them to login to the system. If you find them not working then there may be a lot of chances of having null password. You can check the back of the router to get the default username and password.

D-Link Router – Help & Hints

Here are some tips to help you to login to your router model. If you have any queries then you can ask us at this email ID. We will be very happy to assist you in this case.

1. Can’t find my Router IP. Where can I find it?


Every router will definitely have a router IP address which they use it as a default gateway address. Using that we can log in to the router admin settings. You can easily find the IP at the back of the router or in the router manual book specific to your router model. Here you can check the IP address for any kind of router model.

2. Default IP address not working?


Before troubleshooting you need to double check whether the chosen IP is the correct default address of the router. Then load the IP address in the browser and check once. Make sure the device is connected to the system which you use to connect to the internet.

3. I forgot my router admin password. How do I recover it?


There is only one way to recover the lost password of the router. All you have to do is to reset the router using the button at the back. Some other ways include inserting a pin in the hole to reset the router. After the router is reset use the default password to login to the router.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Every router brand will definitely have a default IP address. You need to get that IP address and paste it in the browser address bar to open the router settings page.
To access the settings page of the router we need to have the admin credentials for it. You can find it at the back of the router.
First of all you have to login to the router settings page. If you have the admin credentials login to the router settings pagae and change the Wi-Fi crdentials.
You can get your Wi-Fi password in the router settings page. There will be a button to unhide the previous password given. Click on the unhide button to reveal the password.
Like the above answer you need to login to the router settings page to change your username and password.
Your Wi-Fi password can be found at the router settings page. You can view it by opening the settings page using the admin credentials.

Still facing issues or problems in router settings? Message us by clicking here.

Note : We are in no way related to any Router company and all the brand name and trademarks belong to the respective owners.