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Router brands that are using as IP address and their details are discussed here.

There are two ways to access the admin panel of a router. One is typing their default gateway IP address on the address bar of a browser and hit go. Else you can click the button below. [It works only if your router's default IP address is]

Detected IP Address:
X Forward:
* We never store your IP address no matter what. We have displayed it to you just for your kind reference.
Default gateway IP address differs with brands. Default IP address list
# Brand Name Models Available Default Credentials
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1TZ 170 Wireless (APL14-034)SonicWALLadmin/password
2TZ 180 Wireless (APL17-049)SonicWALLadmin/password
3TZ 190 Wireless (APL18-046)SonicWALLadmin/password Router Login

Worldwide is default IP address for many routers, modems. Such as Linksys, Netgear, Cisco, D-Link etc. You can access router admin panel using default login and password credentials. Some manufacturer also use other IP addresses like or as host address. For every router model, there default User Name & Password is printed on its back side. When you connect to the Wireless network on the PC, enter in your browser. It will open up the Router configuration page. Now by default, the user name and password for your router is the “Administrator” or “Admin.”

How to login to IP Address?

  1. Open browser and type and press Enter.
  2. In router Admin Setting Page, enter Username & Password and click OK.
  3. Now you can configure various settings & control and manage your router.

If you get any error, your IP address is not correct. Do the following,

  1. Open Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Connections link.
  3. Click on the properties tab of the window that opens.
  4. Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP v4).
  5. Choose Use the following IP address and fill in the IP address.
  6. Select Use the following DNS server and enter the appropriate address.
  7. Check the Validate settings upon exit box and click OK.
  8. Your PC automatically runs network diagnostics and verifies your connection.

My Wi-Fi is down or not working. How do I access

Use an Ethernet cable, to access your Wi-Fi. Connect your Wi-Fi device and router or pc or modem.  Please make sure that your Ethernet adapter is enabled in your Wi-Fi device. If it is not enabled, enable it and wait for some time and then try to access router IP address.

Why does it say that I can’t reach the site when I enter

If you are trying to visit and getting error that site can’t be reached, it means your router has different default IP address.

What router do I have?

If your router is placed far away and you do not want to move, you can login to router panel and find out model.

Is it safe to access

Yes. It is completely safe to access as it is your router’s IP address.

What can I do with router admin panel?

In router admin panel, you can configure various router options like LAN configuration, WAN configuration, Wi-Fi settings, Security settings, DSL / ADSL settings, DNS settings, DHCP settings, Routing, Filtering, Parent Control, DMZ, Access Control List, Dynamic DNS, NAT.

How to change Wi-Fi password?

Wi-Fi password is just a Network Security Key. Used to connect nearby authorized device to connect with internet. You can change router password or network security key from router management console.

How to reset password for 192.168.l.l?

  1. Open browser and type and press Enter.
  2. In router Admin Setting Page, enter Username & Password and click OK.
  3. In Password Reset Settings, change your password & save it.

Never use common word and personal identification information as password. Because it make easier for hacker to hack your system.

Why cannot I access from my smartphone?

Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi network of router. If you are not connected, turn off your mobile data and connect to Wi-Fi. Then access router setting page from browser.

Can I connect to router from office?

If your router has static IP address and if your broadband service provider allow access to it from outside, you can connect to it from outside. But in most cases, this is not the case. So you can’t connect from outside. This is done for security reasons.

Why Security Settings is needed?

It is essential to maintain the security of your router so that no one can get access to your internet and browsing history. All routers have the security settings that you can adjust yourself making your router secure from nasty hackers.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Every router brand will definitely have a default IP address. You need to get that IP address and paste it in the browser address bar to open the router settings page.
To access the settings page of the router we need to have the admin credentials for it. You can find it at the back of the router.
First of all you have to login to the router settings page. If you have the admin credentials login to the router settings pagae and change the Wi-Fi crdentials.
You can get your Wi-Fi password in the router settings page. There will be a button to unhide the previous password given. Click on the unhide button to reveal the password.
Like the above answer you need to login to the router settings page to change your username and password.
Your Wi-Fi password can be found at the router settings page. You can view it by opening the settings page using the admin credentials.

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